Memorandum of Understanding

BY AND BETWEEN Authorized Management Representatives (hereinafter referred to as "Management") of the County of Los Angeles (hereinafter referred to as "County") and AND ASSOCIATION OF PUBLIC DEFENDER INVESTIGATORS (hereinafter referred to as "APDI" or "Union") 

"It is the purpose of this Memorandum of Understanding to promote and provide for harmonious relations, cooperation and understanding between Management and the employees covered herein; to provide an orderly and equitable means of resolving any misunderstandings or differences which may arise under this Memorandum of Understanding; and to set forth the full and entire understanding of the parties reached as a result of good faith negotiations regarding the wages, hours and other terms and conditions of employment of the employees covered hereby, which understanding the parties intend jointly to submit and recommend for approval and implementation to County's Board of Supervisors."

Fringe Benefits